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VARGUS - Thread Turning and Thread Milling Tools

VARGUS Vargus is a world-leading manufacturer of high-quality cutting and deburring tools for the metals and plastics industry.

Established in 1960 in Nahariya, Israel, VARGUS is the tooling division of the NEUMO Ehrenberg Group, one of Europe's largest privately owned manufacturers and distributors of stainless steel products and metal cutting tools.

This tradition of innovation continues with industry-leading solutions from the company's two best known product lines - VARDEX threading solutions and SHAVIV hand-deburring solutions.

Today VARDEX is the undisputed market leading threading program, with tens of thousands of thread turning and thread milling tooling solutions, available from stock or tailor-made special tools. VARGUS also makes the MINIPRO line of miniature tooling for machining small-diameter parts, and a range of cutting tools for boring, groove turning and milling applications

The VARGUS Product Line is mainly divided into 3 main Product lines.

Thread Turning

Thread Turning - Vargus was the first company to produce the first Triangular Lay down Threading Insert....Vargus Threading Inserts are precision Ground Inserts as compared to others who have only Sintered Inserts... This gives an out and out advantage in performance and consistency... VARDEX has the largest variety of Threading Inserts as Standard Catalogue tools ranging from ISO , ACME , TR , API , BUTRESS ,HUGHES etc.... Vardex is also the leader in making Special Threads as per the customers Requirement

Thread Milling Vargus - #1 in Thread Milling!

Vargus offers the most comprehensive Thread Milling solutions in the industry.

Solid Thread Milling

VARGUS Also has a Complete Wide Range of SOLID CARBIDE THREAD MILLS... Starting from M 1.4 The Solid Carbide ranges as under

 Solid Carbide Stright Flute Thread Mills
 Helical Thread Mills
 Helicool Thread Mills [thru coolant]
 Millipro Thread Mills [FOR SMALL DIA]
 Deep Hole Thread Mills

MiniPro - Turning Tools for Small Bores

As the world progresses to miniaturization, and the parts to be machined are getting smaller and smaller, the machinist is forced to find specialty tools and expert solutions to meet this growing challenge.

Together with shrinking tolerances, the requirement for repeatability and indexability increase exponentially. Having the right tools is an absolute must.

Whether you have to thread, groove or bore, the Vargus MiniPro line provides you with those perfect tools to get the job done, perfectly.., the first time.

The Vargus MiniPro line was designed to provide an answer to nearly every machining operation performed on miniature, high-precision components. MiniPro includes a wide-range of both indexable and solid carbide solutions for threading, grooving or boring holes down to 2mm diameter in a wide range of materials.


As This comprehensive line of solid carbide Micro Tools is the newest addition to the MiniPro family of products. Vargus, a pioneer of solid carbide miniature tooling systems, designed MicroScope with an improved design for ease of use, higher precision, and maximum repeatability. MiniPro MicroScope is an improved, new generation 1-sided tool which joins the unique-design and economical 2-sided Micro line for a complete solution to threading, boring, round and square grooving, face-turning of holes down to 2 mm in diameter

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