About Vergnano

Vergnano located in Chieri, Itlay is a leading manufacturer of high quality taps since last 75 years .Vergnano is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality precision threading taps, hobs, end mills and threading dies. Over the years, Vergnano has constantly innovated its product range to meet the demands of a continuously evolving market while keeping a firm foothold in the honored tradition of the Vergnano brand.


Taps for generic application- A Series

A-Series taps (HSSE)provides tapping solutions for almost all types of applications(hand taps, machine cutting taps and forming taps). A-Series offers a complete range of taps in the most common thread types and tolerances.

High Performance Taps – P Series

P-Series taps are produced in powder metallurgy high speed steel and are available with advanced PVD coatings. These taps can be used on a wide range of applications, including difficult-to-machine materials. P-Series are available both as cutting taps and forming taps with and without coolant bore .These taps are unique in geometry and offer superior wear resistance and exceptional toughness for higher performance than regular high-speed steel.

Synchronous Taps – S Series

S-Series taps have been specifically designed for synchronous/rigid tapping and high speed machining. Powder metallurgy high speed steel and advanced PVD coatings convey excellent performance characteristics on a wide range of applications. these taps must be used only in combination with synchronous/rigid tapping attachments.

Solid carbide taps – H Series

H-Series taps are produced in the highest quality ultra-fine grained solid carbide. In specific tapping applications, such as heat-treated steels, grey cast iron and cast aluminium, solid carbide offers extremely high productivity both in terms of tool life and cutting speeds. Likewise in many forming tap applications, for example low/medium resistance steel, stainless steel and wrought aluminium alloys, the use of solid carbide taps is highly competitive compared to high speed steel. H series comes with and without coolant bores as well