About Carmex: Carmex Precision Tools Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high quality cutting tools. The company was founded in 1988 in Maalot, located in the beautiful North West region of Israel. The company’s different product lines are recognized worldwide for their advanced technology, reliable full range lines that offer accurate geometry, excellent cutting performance and extended tool life.

Carmex specializes in the production of threading tools for turning and milling. Our product lines include:

Thread Turning inserts and tool holders, Mill-Thread Solid Carbide, Mill-Thread inserts and tool holders, Spiral Mill-thread, SlimMT, Grooving Tools, Tiny Tools, Swiss Tools, CMT Vertical Milling, Thread Whirling, End Mills, Mini Chamfer, Diamond Tools. In addition, we have a Dental division producing Dental Drills for the Dental implants industry.

Thread Turning

Our industry-leading range of thread turning inserts is recognized worldwide. These high-quality laydown triangular inserts can provide a solution for the majority of the thread standards available today. They can handle a wide range of applications: From the basic, to the most demanding ones.

Features: A large variety of grades and coatings tailored for different materials and manufacturing processes.

1. HBA -Extra-fine sub-micron grade with high toughness, for optimized performance on hardened steels and cast iron (up to 62 HRC), Titanium Alloys and super alloys.

2. BLU-PVD triple layer coated sub-micron grade for stainless steels, cast iron, titanium, non-ferrous metals, and most high-temperature alloys.

3. BMA- PVD TiALN coated sub-micrograin grade for stainless steels and exotic materials, at medium to high cutting speeds.

4. P 25C- PVD TiN coated grade for treated and hard (25+ HRC) alloy steels, at low to medium cutting speeds.

5. MXC – PVD TiN coated micrograin for free cutting untreated alloy steels (below 30 HRC), stainless steels, and cast iron.

6. PXC- PVD TiN coated grade for low cutting speeds. Works well with a wide range of stainless steels.

7. P30-Uncoated carbide grade for carbon and cast steels, works well at low to medium cutting speeds.

8. K20-Uncoated carbide grade. Optimized for non-ferrous metals, aluminum, and cast iron.

• High-quality threads produced by the inserts.
• Capable of cutting threads as small as 0.5 mm.
• Inserts available for internal and external jobs, and both right-hand and left-hand threads.

CARMEX also offers a variety of tool holders suitable for the inserts.

Carmex also provides all type of tailor made threading solutions